Friday, March 30, 2018

Ides of March: Kaltura upgrade, OAI harvesting, Primo Explore

Three different systems things that I worked on the first couple of weeks of March:

  1. I upgraded our Kaltura instance, and usually, when I do the upgrade I run the install script and pass it an answer file. However, this time I decided to just create a brand new answer template from scratch and I got all the question entries correct for the first time. It 's like 50 answers, so I was pretty impressed.
  2. I delved back into the world of Primo harvesting probably at a bad time as there was a lot of Primo changes going on, but I was able to set up a pipe for the new Academic Commons, and also update the normalization rule for the journal articles in DSpace to be articles and the libguide PNX records to be websites.
  3.  I was able to also get our github repository up for our primo customizations here on github, I was also able to get the javascript to work to display our Gift Book links.

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