Friday, March 30, 2018

Personal Archiving Workshop, Library Carpentry Workshop, and Git

Not a super systems post, but some definite elements. Before Spring Break, I got to do two workshops, one at Willamette and another at Oregon State.

  1. The personal archiving workshop was organized by Sara Amato and presented by Danielle Mericle and had some great tips in it. I think the most important was is that you need to set aside the time to do the personal archiving each week, and don't try to bite off too much at the start. Really liked the libguide that she shared from Cornell. 
  2. At the Library Carpentry Workshop, we worked on Regular Expressions and on a tool called OpenRefine. I had recently used OpenRefine for our library breaklist at the end of the fall semester so it was nice to see some features I had not used in it before.
  3. Then two thoughts on Git, I had been declined a pull request but it had been waiting awhile and I had already done some other work on my repository. So I finally got the understanding down that I can just cancel the current pull request, send up my new changes to my branch and then make a new pull request. You can probably stack pull requests, but this method seemed to make more sense. Also, agree that we can keep old code around in Git or a Bitbucket repository, but let's label it as being retired or some way indicate it is no longer in production. 

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