Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Google Feed Burner, SSL certs, and Google Analytics

I believe all three of these would qualify as systems related tasks for the first part of April.

  1. So RSS feeds with ExLibris have always been a challenge, be it getting the proper link, or elements we want to be included in the RSS feed. So about a month ago, Blake Galbreath at Washington State University posted a question on one of our Alliance Slack channels to see if anyone has had luck getting an RSS feed from Alma work in LibGuides. I decided to try it, as I know we would have done it if it worked, and sure enough, it did not and gave a 200 error message, when you use their tool to verify the RSS feed it does not validate.

    When I search the Primo listservs I noticed someone else somewhere in the midwest was bumping into the same problem. I then wondered if I took the feed and pumped it through another feed tool, like say Google FeedBurner could I then get a validated RSS feed. Boohyah, got it working and wrote it up in Confluence, and Blake and I also shared at the systems call on 4/11/17.
  2. SSL certificates, well nothing ever goes easy for me with SSL certs, but I think it's getting easier. Working on the Kaltura server, which eventually I should be able to get to Lets Encrypt, which was a pain right now, as they removed an easy way to install on sites that were already SSL. I decided to just place a new CSR request, and have Case submit to InCommon. Got the certs back, and I decided to first just copy the new certs into the same spots on the server with the old names of the files. However, even when I did that when I would check the SSL cert it was still showing the old date even on a reboot of the system. So Mike suggested it could be just as simple as the filenames still being the same. So this second time, I copied in the new certificates with their new names, updated kaltura ssl config to point to the new certs, and sure enough that fixed it. Nice.
  3. The final highlight at the start of the week, Archives needed some usage numbers on PNAA EADs, so I turned the Google Analytics which I have set up, and sure enough, I think we got some solid usage numbers. Then I even was able to show one of the archives assistants how to use Google Analytics to even get more details on where are actual use is coming from.  

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