Monday, December 23, 2013

Come On Tomcat...

Over the break I ran a 5K race with my son called the Jingle Bell dash, when I got home I decided to do a quick check of my e-mail to show some pictures to him. I then noticed a "system alert" that one of our servers that delivers library images was currently down.

Awesome a chance for me to show off that I can fix some systems problems. Hopped onto the server "lib-tomcat", where we have tomcat running a couple applications. Tried the usual service restart command, /usr/service/tomcat6 restart, but it would not start. Guess I was going to have to at the log to see what was causing the problem.

However, before I looked at the log I thought this would be a great chance to test out our new "System Alert Form", basically a php mail script that also includes all of our phone numbers to the systems folks. So along with an email we also get a text alert. I notified the other systems staff that I was having issues restarting Tomcat.

I then decided to go straight to the bin directory and stop and then start Tomcat. That did the trick and image server was back up and running. I then later got an email from my supervisor who thanked me for fixing the problem and also letting me know he got the text message. A nice "Systems" example for the Christmas break vacation.

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