Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Digital Collection Stats, Zotero Posters, and OpenRefine

Worked on a number of things to start this week:

  1. Gathered our annual digital collection stats available here. Ran into a new issue with our DSpace SOLR statistics having been lost, so I used Google Analytics instead to get the views of items. The new API also has some real long ID for community IDs.
  2. I decided that I want to start pusing Zotero more on campus, and so a quick Google search brought up some great marketing posters made by Kyle Denlinger at Wake Forest. I added a new font Open Sans Light to my windows machine to be able to edit them with Adobe Acrobat and I now have eight new posters in my H: drive in Projects-> Marketing-Zotero folder. Going to take them to the Faculty luncheons this semester.
  3. Sara recommended using OpenRefine to deal with an XML issue I was having with creating a csv file for our student accounts office. I had been using and Excel XML import, but the newer versions were no longer supporting the option. So as long as I have the older XML I will use that process, then if unavailable we will now also have OpenRefine. It's a pretty awesome tool, and could be a possible presentation topic for Alma and fine export to a business office.

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