Monday, January 29, 2018

eXist backup, Zotero and Apache Satisfy Any

Another fun week of more systems stuff:

  1. Finally got Scott Pike's Zotero to work, it was the Word version the whole time!
  2. Started working on the eXist backup, took way to many times to get correct, but not all on me. However, I got this error message: System maintenance task reported error: ERROR: failed to create report file in /backup. So figure it's a permission thing since eXist is now running with user exist. So I change to exist:exist for the backup diretcory, and then I got this the next morning: System maintenance task reported error: ERROR: failed to create report file in /backup, so not just permissions. So I became user exist and tried to just write to a file in the directory and I got: This account is currently not available. Found this, and it looks like the user was created with no login, exist:x:56808:56808::/home/exist:/sbin/nologin. Ran the ran sudo chsh -s /bin/bash exist, and then was all set. However, I failed to remember although I was changing the day of the week each time I ran into the fact we were no longer in the third week of the month. cron-trigger="0 0 23 ? 1/1 SUN#3, need that to be #4, Dooh! Finally got on Thursday night.
  3. Apache Satisfy Any - this is another one of those things you can just do a number of ways. The satisfy any was not working if we had both CAS user and ldap attributes, and no matter which requires you put first that would take over as authoritative. So I decided to just use, the ldap-user attribute instead of the CAS. Mike found another way you could do it, by making sure you set AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off, this lets the CAS user element work too. Both ways work.

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