Friday, January 12, 2018

Kernel Upgrades, System Down, Communication, EZProxy Upgrade

Well, this was an eventful last three days of the week.

1. Started with WITS notifying us that 12 of our library servers needed to have their kernels updated due to the Intel chip security issues. Decided to do that early Thursday morning, all went well except for our DSpace server which had issues with the tomcat server running on it. After all, day spending time looking at the issue with WITS, Mike solved it as an issue with some SOLR statistics that existed that should not be around. Well, those statistics were generated on the first of the year, so there is no way that we would have known about this issue.

2. Also learned that if a system component is down, don't try to multi-task and take care of other stuff while it is down, work solely on that problem. I decided to go to the faculty retreat, and just listen while still researching on the problem was not acceptable by my supervisor. Okay, lesson learned now. This after I came in at 6 a.m. to the upgrades, and worked the entire day on trying to help fix the issue. It is what it is.

3. JIRA sucks for back and for communication on projects unless both people are actively responding to issues and questions and taking the time to completely read comments. Guess I need to start loving JIRA as a tool, but man it can get in the way sometimes.

4. Also conducted a very easy EZProxy upgrade, I just included it to show another piece of software that I get to deal with.

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