Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lesson Learned, Recommendations, Omeka, Libstats Google It

Pretty busy week, but I think a good one all around as school started back up.

  1. Lesson learned from last week's attempt at multi-tasking when a system component was down. Doreen could not get access to the costumes and images collection which obviously no one uses or reports they can't access, as Mike had made a change back in October 2017. So in the gwt application you set configuration on tomcat in the /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/ There is a setting in there or the ssl secure server. In the end it turned out the request was being made from libtomcat not ssl as http, to the campus CAS server and then returned as https, and it was causing a mismatch in the tickets exchanged. Mike reverted to pre-October change and made the file tomcat call be to http and then the two tickets matched. We needed Casey to see the SSL log file to diagnose the problem. However, the important thing here s I held off on my lunch run until 2:30 until we got the system back up.
  2. Turned on the recommendations in Primo, they're pretty cool and I think will get people to resources a bit faster than before.
  3. Omeka, was a trying week as I learned before you can invite someone to our shared hosted site, they first need to set up an Omeka trial account. A little hokey to me, but it explains why we do not see usernames in our admin interface like we do in our own version of Omeka.
  4. Finally worked on a report in libstats from a request from last October. A couple times I was tempted to quit on it and just get the report another way, as I was getting an error message, but I was sure the php "Class" it said did not exist did. So about to give up, then decided to Google part of the error message with libstats, and I hit the Google code archive which described the exact error I was getting. Added their fix, and it worked like a charm. So it had to do with the way the file for the report class I was working on was created and not being recognized. Thanks, Google

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